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Luby Haider

Focus - Ballpoint on canvas - 12
Parallel Worlds II - Gouache, collage, color pencil on board - 16

My work is about the dynamic play between opposites coming together. Contrasting colors, juxtaposition of geometric versus organic forms, or a complex idea or form expressed through the simplicity of black ‘n white; it is about exploring a minefield of enlightening possibilities.

Upcoming & Current Exhibitions

Dunedin Fine Arts Center,  April 5 – May 19, 2024

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Luby received her M.A. in Art History from California State University, Los Angeles. While teaching art and architectural history to undergraduate university and college students, she continued to study painting at the American Animation Institute. Her traditional training has evolved into using mixed media with oil and acrylic on canvas.

The range of her professional work includes both figurative and abstract subject matter, with focus on symbolism.