Featured Coffee & Ballpoint Art

My ballpoint drawings on canvas start by making line after line, same as writing and rewriting until I begin to see forms emerge out of white surface. The challenge is to control the unexpected flow of coffee on canvas and create meaningful images, not random accidents. The process is laborious, exhilarating, and ultimately a lot of fun.


Ballpoint on canvas
16 x 20 inches

Although most ideas for my art stem from nature, rather than copying I’m more interested in capturing what lies beyond the surface. 

“Waiting” is part of a series of animal and bird portraits based on my fascination of the humanity I see in animals and the animal-ness of humans. 

Nude Landscape II - Coffee & ballpoint on canvas - 6

Nude Landscape II

Ballpoint on canvas
6 x 6 inches

This painting is part of a series of nudes. Whether male or female, each stands with their unique complimentary strength. Human body in earth tones, as rock formations inseparable from the natural landscape, so it becomes a metaphor for the earth.