Featured Coffee & Ballpoint Art

“While most ideas for my art come from nature, I create images with a specific intention. Whether it is a realistic or abstract composition, the intention is to create meaningful art that can establish a relationship with the viewer. How does it speak to you and triggers your imagination? The underlying concept in my work is to study human condition in relation to everything around us. It is a vehicle to explore my own relationship with the Universe.”



Ballpoint on canvas
16 x 20 inches

I’m fascinated by the humanity I see in animals and the animal-ness of humans. Instead of copying reality, I imagine what lies behind the surface and try to capture it by scratching countless lines with my ballpoint on canvas. It is like writing and re-writing, until the image begins to emerge on the flat canvas.


Rock Formation II

Ballpoint on canvas
6 x 6 inches

I see human figure as a metaphor for the earth. Whether male and female, each stands with their unique complimentary strength. We are inseparable from the earth.