Featured Mixed Media Art

“While most ideas for my art come from nature, I create images with a specific intention. Whether it is a realistic or abstract composition, the intention is to create meaningful art that can establish a relationship with the viewer. How does it speak to you and triggers your imagination? The underlying concept in my work is to study human condition in relation to everything around us. It is a vehicle to explore my own relationship with the Universe.”


On the Blue Wall II

Mixed Media on canvas
24 x 36 inches

Most of us may not know the average lifespan of an adult butterfly is roughly three to four weeks. The entire life cycle can last between two and eight months. No surprise that a butterfly lives to eat and mate.
As I watch butterflies, I find everything in nature has a purpose for its existence.


Bubblegum Moon

Mixed Media on canvas
20 x 20 inches

The subject of this artwork is the state of hyper-flux of our time. I use traditionally established symbols and apply them to the current world scenario as I see it. For Native Americans April’s Pink moon marked the arrival of spring.
My representation of a purple moon turning pink is a symbol of the current global and environmental changes. The butterfly is morphing into a bird or vice versa. No way to tell if it is complete or incomplete or what new form will it settle into? Is the moon cold as lavender or just heating up? Are we heading towards a better new world? Or it will pop just like blowing bubblegum.