Featured Mixed Media Art

Even though trained in traditional oil and acrylic painting, I prefer using mixed media. It allows me to combine traditional techniques in unconventional ways. 

Whether it is a realistic or abstract composition, the intention is to create meaningful art that can establish a relationship with the viewer. How does it speak to you and trigger your imagination? Or raise a question never thought about before.

A Heart Can Never Be Broken - Mixed media (Oil, acrylic & spray paint on canvas) - 24

A Heart Can Never Be Broken

Mixed Media on canvas
24 x 36 inches

This abstract painting shows heart as a geometric arrangement.

The heart is the seat of life, rooted within the heart is the essence of love. Any reference to a heartbreak is a lie we tell ourselves. An experience that makes us cry or may feel like a heartache, is an opportunity that creates an opening into the heart. Do we choose love to turn that tear into a pearl of wisdom? Or allow fear creating an illusion of a cracked heart?

Once In A Purple Moon - Acrylic & coffee on canvas - 20

Once In A Purple Moon

Mixed Media on canvas
20 x 20 inches

Purple moon, the second full moon in April, is an extremely rare event.  

My abstract representation is based in mystery and ambiguity. The butterfly is morphing into a bird or vice versa. No way to tell if it is complete or incomplete, or what new form will it settle into.